“I was excited to host the first trial for the BioMantra products in the United States.  The support I received from the Agri Life staff was second to none.  Karthik monitored the crop growth as well as other details throughout the growing season.  We also had a visit from Dr. Venkatesh from Agri Life in India mid way through the growing season.  Due to state of Wisconsin licensing we weren’t able to do the trial until mid-May.  We did a 1 acre trial side by side with untreated corn on a field that was alfalfa and was planted after first cutting was removed.  It was a rough piece of ground and we still had a healthier plant as well as a significant yield increase.  Planting conditions were a far cry from ideal.  I was very pleased with the results considering the planting conditions and calendar date.  I look forward to trying the Bio-Mantra lineup in more ideal planting situations because I feel I will see better results.”

— Tom Leonard Lake Geneva, WI Dairy and Grain Farm